A new Bebop MUSH!

Well I've got the finishing touches to do for a Cowboy Bebop MUSH that shall be finished by this weekend,
but I would like to get some players to come in and start rping. Especially some editting of the news files. And seeing this board may have people still lurking around in it...here goes.

The theme takes place right after the fight between Spike and Vicious...the two survived their bout barely. Spike was dumped. The Red Dragons move from Tharsis to Alva City with a battered Vicious.
Jet recovers Spike's body and takes refuge on Ganymeade while Spike recovers. There is more to this than
meets the eye as strange events take place on Earth that go unreported.

Edward and Ein are lost on Earth again all thanks to her absentminded father. Faye had stormed off and needs to find her way again. With Spike and Jet just a crew again will they meet up with these strange events and regain their former comrades?

I am looking for the main five players of the Bebop show to come along. Spike, Jet, Faye, Ed + Ein,
and Vicious are open for applications. We also can make exceptions for those characters that died in the
show like Gren, Shin, and Lin. We even have Vincent and Electra from the movie as playable characters,
or simply make your own. There will be a lot to be had here at Altered Horizons...there is also the
other beings here...yeah..yeah..Masterforce Pretenders from the Transformers anime, and a lot of them
to help make the universe for both RPG areas a rich one. Who knows just who your friend maybe...

So take a look at telnet://starwolf.biz:4242
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Dun dun dun

The MUSH seems to have gone down at some stage, but it's back up now. I'll leave it up long enough for people to back up their stuff, and if people still want it to stay up, then it shall; if not, I'll yoink it for good in a week or two.

This looks good!

Hey everybodee. I'm an Aussie who loves Cowboy Bebop. I just stumbled across this site. Looks good! How do I get involved? I don't know anything about telnet except I used to play MUDs more than 10 years ago.
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My exams are finishing in a few days, so... what do people think of running Beauty and the Beast this Friday and Saturday (about 8 pm MUSHtime, on each day)?

Note that we've attempted to run it twice, since -early May-, and each time, had a disappointing turnout, never mind that we announced it well in advance. So this time around, if you have a better time in mind, please have the courtesy to let us know.
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I seem to have screwed up and generated some confusion regarding the timing of the TP. It is, indeed, on the evenings of the 30th (Sunday) and the 31st (Monday), -American- time. So, yeah, the pamphlet and the previous post here were correct. That's the 31st and the 1st to anyone living in my time zone, Australian east coast time.

Note that I won't be able to make it, due to RL reasons, on the 30th, and possibly on the 31st. I leave you in the hands of the other, excellent staffers. :)
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TP Confirmation

Dates for the two scenes in Beauty and the Beast, the next (and perhaps last) instalment of Revolution Rhumba, have been set! Part I will take place on 30th May 2004; Part II will be the day after, on the 31st. The pamphlet in the lobby, which you should look at if you don't know what I'm referring to, has been updated accordingly.
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TP Postponement

Due to the demands of RL (ie. assignment/exam crunch), Beauty and the Beast is being postponed until approximately the last week of the month (part II on the 29th, hopefully, with part I a day or two before that). Don't know what I'm referring to? Log in, go to the lobby, then LOOK PAMPHLET, or check out the previous LJ post. :)
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Beauty and the Beast

Due to a low turnout, the TP scene is hereby postponed until at least Tuesday or Wednesday, perhaps even Thursday or Friday, depending on the availability of staff (I'll be unable to do it myself, due to my schedule). We'll do my best to give more precise notice closer to the day. Hopefully, Part II of Beauty and the Beast will still be able to be run this Saturday. Please post to bb4 or reply to this post if you have any better days in mind.

Information on the TP, if you're new or missed it.Collapse )
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Point Of Concern

Those of you who look around -- will notice that activity on the MUSH is down. Those of you who read the boards will have noticed me complaining about this. People tend to log in for five minutes, then log off again; create a character, sit around for a week, then leave; or else idle in the OOC area or in rooms by themselves. If asked, I'm sure most of you guys would respond that there's nothing to do. Well, there can be things to do -- but you have to take the initiative. There are channels aplenty, both OOC and IC (@chan/list brings up the list of channels), guidelines set up for player-run TPs, and -- for goodness' sake -- we have PCs from a wide array of professions, both law-abiding and otherwise. If misfit cops, hard-bitten bounty hunters, and sly syndicate assassins can't find things to do, even if they run along the lines of bar jokes, then I'm seriously disappointed.

Do you need assistance from staff? If so, you have only to ask -- I remind everyone that Beauty and the Beast, the third scene in Revolution Rhumba, is being run this Saturday night, and that we always do our best to help out with any concerns players may have. But as I've said before, and as I'll no doubt say again, in the end, it comes down to YOU to get out there and RP. Poke people. Ask on channel if anyone wants to scene. Wander around the grid. ICly bungee jump off the Seraphic Tower (I can think of at least one PC from whom this would be IC). Do a Naked Cowboy imitation. Enter fast food eating contests. Participate in imitation Kessel Runs. And if I can come up with a bunch of ideas while sleepy and nursing a cold, you can while at peak efficiency. A MUSH requires input from everyone -- get out there and play, people! :)

(And if you WOULD like something from staff? Post it to the discussion board and/or comment here, and we'll see whawt we can do.)
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