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TP Session #3


Mars, the Red Planet, is a world that captured the imaginations of Earthlings for
millenia. Today, the red is pockmarked with green and blue, where craters have
been terraformed and used as the sites for the planet's great cities, such as
Alba City and Tharsis. Crisscrossing the planet, running between cities,
outposts, bases, and other important locations is a network of highways,
monorails, and a few mag-lev lines; each artery is surrounded in a transparent
hemispherical tube that keeps in the atmosphere while allowing those inside to
see out and appreciate the Martian scenery.

Mars is the commercial hub, the 'Big City' of the solar system, and as such, the
traffic around here is second to none. The atmosphere of Mars, especially on the
approach runs to the large cities and their starports, is littered with
holographic advertisements for various products, everything from beer to holiday
packages on Ganymede. And of course, where there is wealth, there are criminal
bases, for crime does indeed pay enough for it to be worthwhile in the eyes of

You can also enter the Bar, the Shops, the Restaurant, or Housing.

The Crimson Mirage
The Arroyo Vector
Obvious exits:
Alba City (AL) leads to Alba City.
Tharsis (TH) leads to Tharsis.
Solar System (SS) leads to Solar System.
Ashton arrives from Solar System.
Ashton has arrived.
Rafael arrives from Solar System.
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===== [ Lenz ] ========================================
IC Information

Full Name: Lenz Wiesel Age:
Occupation: Go-Between Height:
Current Bounty: Not wanted. Weight:

Quote: "Th... they say I'm a pretty generous guy."
Profile: Lenz Wiesel, a jittery young man from the Belt, hasn't had a very easy
life. He made the mistake of choosing a career in TV/DVD repair to try to claw
his way out of the poverty of the asteroid field, only to find himself in debt
for the lessons and unable to find anybody with TVs or DVDs to repair in his
rather destitute section of the belt. Somehow, however, he gets by, and manages
to get even enough extra cash to collect feel-good stories in film and
literature, trying to assuage his constant anxiety.

OOC Information

Real Name: E-mail:
Voice Actor:
Theme Song:
Last Connected: Sat Apr 03 20:32:13 2004

Vicious arrives from Solar System.
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Kogi arrives from Criminal Bases.
Kogi has arrived.

Fairly tall, this fellow appears anxiety personified, slouching and
looking around fairly frequently. He apparently doesn't have time to care for his
appearance so much while looking out for himself, as demonstrated in the way his
dark greenish-black hair is left to form a puffy, floofy, unkempt cloud atop his
head. His face bears European features, as wide, reddish-brown eyes look from
over the bags underneath, and all of those top a prominent nose.

He wears a cheap, somewhat roughly cut collarless dark blue suit, hanging
idly open over his shirt, and matching trousers; black boots poke out from
beneath the too-short legs of his trousers. Underneath the suit are a lemon
yellow dress shirt, its collar unbuttoned and drooping lethargically as if he
simply didn't have the time, and a plain blue necktie. A handkerchief, perhaps
due to the frequency of its use, hangs out of a pocket at the top of his suit.

Dante arrives from Solar System.
Dante has arrived.
Haile arrives from Solar System.
Haile has arrived.
One of Gordon Oldfield's main interests is in gambling, and thus he had built a
few casinos in his time. His preferred one, however, is one in orbit around the
Red Planet. This spaceborne place of gambling has all the look of a fancy sort of
set-up, with plush lounges interspersed amidst tables of every card and dice game
known to man.

Gordon, himself, has chosen to not be on the floor, as he sometimes is. The man
is instead in his personal lounge, deep within the core of the spacestation. He
lounges on a chair, a martini nestled in one hand, and watches a few screens
showing the casino. A mere mockery of the massive security centers, but it makes
the businessman feel a little more in touch with his facilities. He takes a sip
of his martini, and watches.
A bounty hunter enters the casino with a smile on his face. He doesn't seem to be
on duty but, then again there no such thing as a off duty bounty hunter. This
bounty hunter is Kogi Aojima and he has one big problem he loves to gamble. In
fact its one of the many reasons he isn't as high tech as some other bounty
hunters. He carries a pocketful of gambling chips as he slowly starts to make his
way to find something to play.

On the other hand, there's someone who has taken the floor; Faye
Valentine, dressed in the fairly uninteresting uniform of a dealer, stands behind
a card table. Absently, she examines her nails, before smiling - it's a fake,
employee smile, the same she's given every other person to come to her table in
this shift... but it's a smile. She deals deftly enough, sharp eyes watching the
cards dealed expertly.
She's just so at home right now.
Spike Spiegel, suave as always, darts his gaze back and forth as he slinks low
through the crowds, mild fear in his--wait a second, that's not Spike. His suit
is just a little too wrinkled, those features are a little off, and the demeanor
certainly isn't right. Lenz Wiesel wanders the casino searching for a particular
dealer, and as his eyes watch one row of card tables, he walks right into Koji.
He yelps, stumbling backwards, and gulps as he looks up to see that metal
gauntlet. "S-s-sorry, sir!" And he heads off ahead in the casino, in a little bit
of a rush to get away from the disconcerting fellow.
A slim figure sits at a blackjack table, idly playing with her chips, chin
resting on one hand. Haile exudes an aura of disinterest, the expression on her
pale face one of extreme boredom. Yes sir, she's just passing time, and could
care less if she wins or loses. Or so her body language could lead one to
believe, though her violet eyes watch the dealer in charge of her table closely,
following Faye's movements easily. Once every few minutes she lifts her head and
glances casually about the room before turning her attention back to the table.
Moving though the crowd on autopilot, Ashton Malarte heads towards the exange
booths with his head stuck in a book and a roll of woolongs in his pocket just
waiting to be cashed into chips. Though reading, little escapes his attention as
his eyes move around the room occationally behind his silver rimmed glasses then
find the exact spot in the reading he was before. Wearing his trademark tweed
sports coat, blue shirt, top button open, and black pants, he glides acoss the
room casually. Like most bounty hunters, whether or not he's on duty tonight is
anyones guess.
Angus arrives from Solar System.
Angus has arrived.
Kogi doesn't seem to notice as Lenz untill he smacks in to him. He turns almost
knocked to the side as he offers to help the man but, he just gets up and runs.
"Weird." He turns and heads to the table that Faye is dealing and sits down
slowly and starts to get ready to play.
Whether he is truly old enough to be within this casino or not is of
little concern to Dante; Having parked his zipcraft and managed to squirm past
the guards utilizing a firm blend of yelling, making a scene, and flashing around
his mostly-real identification, he's strolling through the hordes of people and
miscellanious games intent on finding a certain someone. That someone being the
Bounty Hunter he's trailing - From what he gathered, he's too poor to come here
unless he's putting all his money in the Blackjack table, and if he was a Bounty
who just ripped off someone unknowing of a price on his head, he'd hide here too.
And he's also complete uncaring about the mild looks he's getting, appearing to
be a staggeringly underdressed teenager to most eyes. Yes, he hears the snickers.
You think that's Spike Spiegel?

This is Spike Spiegel.

The lanky bounty hunter slouches into the casino, hands in his pocket and his
trademark smirk-grin on his face as he peers around. Either he has absolutely no
plan of action and is winging it, or else he does have a plan of such subtlety
and brilliance that he's able to remain in his 'lazy' mode. Take your pick.
Letting his feet walk where they will, he finds himself heading towards the card
tables, grin slowly broadening.

She's being watched. Poot. No practicing for this round, then. The dealer
watches Haile a moment, then quirks a brow slightly. "Hit, sit...?" She asks,
softly, before nodding a greeting of sorts to Kogi. "With you in a moment, sir."
Okay, this subservience thing is already getting on her nerves, notable in the
frustration glinting in her eyes. But she's gambling, and she's beng paid for it.
Poker, five card drawl.

It's the only game for a Belter, and Angus Din loves it more than anything in
the world.

'sides his mother.

And maybe his guns. MAYBE.

And so the itinerent arms dealer sits at the poker table, losing a weeks worth
of sales in a night. Sure, it's a bit excessive, but Angus lives to gamble big.
In guns, in money, in love...it's all the same.

Now, if only this place served hagis, he'd be set.
A little bleary eyed, Rafael makes his way across the casino floor. Dreadlocks
swing from side to side as he takes in all the lights and sounds designed to
allure the chips from his pocket. He ends up at the table all the cool kids seem
to be gathering at and smiles a very aloof smile.
Kogi gives a look at the dealer as he smiles at her. "Thank you miss." He pulls
out his chip and he gazes around the room a little as he tries to find the man
that bumped in to him. He would like to say he is sorry but, he doesn't see the
man again so he goes back to getting ready to do what he loves....gamble.
Gordon remains in his suite, sipping on a martini. His eyes settle on a screen
with Faye on it, but he looks away after a moment. The traffic entering the
casino is to be expected, but he seems a little nervous. Some of these men are
bounty-hunters. Which is why his security forces are ready.

Including, of course, many in plainclothes.
"It's - um... no, not her... excuse me..." Lenz Wiesel slows down as he gets away
from the guy with the gauntlet, nervously sidestepping various casinogoers in
varying states of financial security. He cranes his neck as he gets to the
blackjack tables, watching for the various tables, and gulps as he sees the crowd
of people assembled around Faye's table. "Um..." Lenz's shoulders slump, and he
sighs and wades in towards the table. Unfortuntely, it's fairly crowded by now,
and he's reduced to jumping his head up over those assembled there, primarily
cowboys, trying to get the dealer's attention.
Ashton reaches the cashing area and quickly makes the exange of woolongs into
chips, thanks the woman and begins towards the card tables. He slowly begins to
mentally chew over something strange he saw earlier, two men, dressed similarly,
one nervous, one cool, here in the same casino, and now, the nervous one jumping
behind the people at the table. He really starts to get interested now. Book in
back pocket, he falls in step with the cool one (Spike) and stays about 10 feet
back from him, heading towards the jumping man, but mainly, he thinks, as a large
smile begins to bloom on his face, to a very interesting night.
Haile begins to show signs of impatience, tapping one booted foot on the floor
and shifting in her seat. Why does she bother with these places? Security is too
tight for the usual tricks. She releases her gaze from the dealer and casts a
look about the room again, paying particular attention to those just joining her
table. She looks them over one at a time before losing interest with a flicker of
disappointment. And she had such a good feeling about tonight... She drums her
fingers on the table, barely paying attention as she continues to play, winning
one hand, losing another, but staying rather even in general.
Spike blinks slightly as he notices his double, muttering a 'huh?' under his
breath, before craning his neck to look at the various tables. Reaching a
conclusion similar to Haile -- namely, that there's nobody around who's
unobservant enough to be a good mark -- he turns around and walks towards the
cashing area. A glance is sent towards Ashton, and the distinctive Angus is sent
a nod and a grin, before he arrives at his destination.

And, within a matter of moments, Faye finds her table rather swamped.
There's that hint of frustration again, as the woman searches for her man and
finds no-one...until Lenz begins jumping, and her eyes catch his. Wow. He looks
/real/ trustworthy. She fixes a small glare on him, a sort of 'don't make a
scene' look, then turns another slightly fake smile on those assembled.
"Ladies and gentlemen, while I'm flattered by your interest in my table,
there are a few others - I wouldn't like to keep you waiting for your turn, as
you certainly will be with this many people." She reaches up to adjust her hair,
then turns her attentino to the game at hand, dealing the next two player's
cards. Her eyes still flick to Lenz, though, catching on Spiegel a moment before
she notes the similarities and continues.
Dante has disconnected.
Rafael has disconnected.
Angus wins another hand, and sighs deeply. Some how, this just isn't exciting him
like it used to. He's even a little up, but the thrill just ain't there anymore.
And for a moment, the faux scotsman looks deep into the empty abyss that is his

Just for a moment, though. Gathering up his chips, he moves away from the table
and tries to find something a bit more interesting than five card draw.

And then he sees Faye Valentine.
A low whistle escapes his lips, and a grin blossoms across his face. Smoothing
the crease in his hat, he begins moving through the crowd towards her table.

You can find a card game just about anywhere. A beautiful dealer...now, that's a

A shark, gliding silently under the cold waters, is nothing but a
fleeting shadow to the swimmer fumbling vainly to exist at the surface of a world
he does not belong in. The shark, cold and refined, made invincible by sheer luck
of the draw, made deadly by the constant drilling of skills into its onetracked
mind, is god in his environment. There is no stopping him. There is no
compromising. What he wants, happens. That's nature. That's reality.
And in the cold void of space, in the warm glow of the casino, there is a
shark. Only this one sits quietly behind a murky window, unseen, watching the
proceedings on the floor below. This shark has no teeth, only a sword. This shark
knows exactly what it wants.

The security keeps a close eye on the table Faye was at, but they slide into the
small crowd already developing there. Gordon folds his hands in his lap, putting
his martini down. He glances down at a different monitor, showing the form of the
Red Dragons executive. That warrants a slight shudder.
Looking rather rebellious, Haile grumbles under her breath and casts an irritated
glance around with a defiant 'well *I'm* not moving, I was here first' sort of
expression. Besides, the dealer is pretty hot, even in that ugly uniform... Even
as she does though, half of her brain is taking in the chances of getting away
with something while there's more people for security to keep an eye on. Are
those dollar signs floating in her purple eyes, or just the light reflecting in
the orbs? She casts a sidelong glance at the chips of the man closest to her.
Ashton gives Spike a return glance, smile still full on his face, as he makes his
way to the table next to Faye's and takes an edge seat, giving him a clear view
of Faye's table, while not calling too much attention to himself, he hopes. A few
well dressed gentilmen enter the scene, but they seem too watchfull for his
tastes, and he understands why when one bends over to look at the cards of one of
the members of the table and shows off the butt of a pistol in a shoulder
holster. Security. Chips in, cards dealt. Now, to see how the hand plays.
Lenz catches Faye's glare, and looks mildly sheepish as he slumps back down,
waiting in the back of the crowd. He doesn't seem to sense being noticed by
Ashton, or even aware of the presence of his double, as he waits for the game to
clear up enough for Faye to deal him in. As he waits, he tries to push himself
towards the front of the table; another of those stubborn players not willing to
move to another dealer. He watches the players at the table idly, as he prepares
to get his chips ready and try to get in on the next hand.
Spike, blithely unaware of Vicious' presence -- and Vicious' notice of him --
meanders back towards Faye's table, just in time to catch Faye suggesting that
some of her fanboys and -girls move to other tables. His grin morphing from lazy
to roguish, he decides to buck the trend, sliding in next to Lenz and murmuring,
"Yo," out of the corner of his mouth. If nothing else, the other guy's reaction
should be amusing.
Kogi stands up slowly as he nods toward the dealer. "I think you have a point
miss." He starts to leave the table as he notices Lenz the man that knocked in to
him before. He goes toward the little man and motions toward his now open seat.
"Here its the least I can do after knocking you down." He goes to pat the man on
the back a little as he smiles a grin. Yes, he is a dumb person sometimes but,
good at heart none the less.
More than a full table. Cursing his luck, Angus begins to turn towards other
diversions...before noticing Spike. ...Wait. Two Spikes? Angus squints, unable to
make out which one's the real one under the Casino's lighting. He begins to inch
towards them, curious (Spike has a twin? Who knew!), and still hoping to get a
spot at Faye's table.

He might knock some people out of the way on his way getting there...but thems
the breaks.

Faye is just so freakin' popular. It'd be flattering, if only she weren't
mostly concentrating on getting Lenz to the table. Luckily, Kogi does that for
him and, deftly dealing cards to those others seated at the table, she turns her
attention to him. "Your bet, sir?"
'Absently', she shuffles the cards - shuffling in a very subtle 'stacking
the deck' sorta way. Her gaze, with affected disconcern, flicks about - somewhat
belatedly, she recognises Spike, quirks a brow ever so slightly at him, before
her gaze continues it's surveyance of the assembled card monkeys. She turns to
Haile a moment, and, apparently unaware that perhaps the woman shares what
appears to be a fairly common view, she smiles. "Think that if I did the top
button of this shirt up, they'd wander away?" she whispers, amusement of a sort
in her voice.
"Um, thank you." Lenz nods and accepts the seat from the gauntleted man - guess
he isn't as much of a threat as he seems - and begins to reach into his pockets,
setting down the chips for his hand. And then, Spike. "Uh, hi," he replies,
before looking up and freezing mildly at Spike's appearance. He gulps, and then
smiles sheepishly. "Um, nice fashion sense, there." That looks like a problem,
there. Perhaps word has gotten out. He then looks over and down at his chips, and
pauses as he realizes just how much he has lain down while distracted by Spike.
Indeed, it looks like he's laid down his life savings just on this first hand.
"Um." He looks up at Faye with that same embarrassed smile. "People say I'm a big
Gordon is now back to watching the exchange between Faye and those at the table.
He sighs a bit, noticing the crowd around it. This is cause for a slight frown,
but makes no other movement or anything else. He instead just watche.
Spike replies blandly to Lenz, suppressing the temptation to laugh, "Gee, thanks.
You've got nice fashion sense, too..." He looks up and over to Faye, meeting her
glance. "... and so do you. Classy, Faye." The glitter in his eyes and the smirk
on his lips add an unspoken addendum: 'Classier than your usual clothes.' Kogi
and Angus also receive smirks, before he looks back and down to Lenz's stash, and
whistles quietly. No wonder the other guy is dressed so shabbily, if he blows
that kind of money at the card table.
Ashton grins a little, small laugh emitting from his lips as the words are barely
heard over the din of voices in the casino. He places another bet, more cards,
going over his odds in his head. Should it hit the fan, a number of plainclothed
with the crowd, as well as more behind him, as well as visible security. In other
words, outnumbered and outgunned. At least i'd be interesting. He finishes the
hand and stands, beginning towards the packed table, plan forming in his head.
A frown sneaks around the corner of Haile's lips as the focus of her attention
gives up his seat. She sighs quietly and slumps a bit, looking up as the dealer
addresses her. She smirks and says, "Not likely. They've got your scent now.
There is no escape." She pauses, and turns her head oh-so-slowly to stare at the
pile of chips beside her on the table. Get ahold of yourself, girl... no
drooling. She swallows almost audibly and flashes a grin at the dealer that tries
and nearly succeeds in being casual.
Kogi smiles as he watchs the man make his bet. "Here let me help." He gives most
of his chips to the man as he then steps back a little to watch the game. He
smiles all the time notice the odd amount of guards around him. "Weird." He says
under his breath.
"Hello, Spike!" And the words are NOT in a Scottish accent...or even the drab,
unmodified tones of his business speak. No, instead Angus has adopted the accent
of a southerner, and for the moment he appears to have suppressed his
more...colorful vocabulary. Why the change in voice?

Because there's a LADY present, of course! Now, if only he was wearing his
courtin' hat instead of his trusty old, rumbled thing, the act would be perfect.
...Well, if there weren't so many darn PEOPLE around.

"Hey, hey." Lenz frowns mildly. "I think that outfit looks good." Why wouldn't
he? He settles in to play, as well, although his eyes swing around every so often
nervously - at the other players? This guy looks like money in the bank. As he
taps the table with one hand to indicate a hit, the other begins to go into his
pockets, and... pulls out more chips still, for another hand? Even more than his
previous bet. How did this snivelling wimp get so much /money/?

The woman, despite knowing in theory that there's a lot of money on the
line here, still shows some surprise at the amount which he bets. "I have no
problem with that.. and I'm sure that if I had that much money to burn, I'd
probably do the same." Faye laughs, softly, before she senses Spike's unspoken
Such a meanie. "Blue and yellow don't go together that well, I'm afraid,
Spike. Not with your complexion." A sweet smile, but she's deftly dealing cards
again, now, from her editted deck, a brow slightly raised.
Only the barest flicker of a glance is afforded to everyone else. She's
playing for real, now.
Gordon frowns a bit, while watching his camera. One of the contestants is looking
a little too wealthy for his appearances, and this disturbs the man just a bit.
He crosses his arms and watches.
From the irritation in her eyes, Haile seems to be silently using every obscenity
she can think of. If only the skinny nervous guy doesn't lose -all- of his money
tonight. Come on, this guy is -begging- for someone to mark him. And she's due
for some good luck. She hums tunelessly under her breath and divides her
attention between the dead sexy dealer and the mega-money moron, knowing her real
gamble tonight would have nothing to do with the cards. Speaking of cards... what
a crappy couple of hands...
Kogi stands behind Lenz with a smile on his face. He doesn't make any real moves
as he reachs up a little to check if his things are still in place. He smiles as
he watchs the gaurds around his area as he watchs the big spender in front of
Ashton stands off to Spikes left, watching hands and cards fly by the table. He
speaks to the man, "You two know each other?" he questions, more interested in
the answer out of boredom then anything. A few more glances around confirm that,
yes, there are many security guards around here, and that the girl sitting next
the the high-roller is starting to become very annoyed at...something. Probably
has to do with the loosing hands she's been getting. And the samaritan behind the
high-roller, doesn't seem alln that interesting. Why is it that he still has the
feeling that soemthings about to happen?
"I guess it looks better on you than on me," Spike remarks to Lenz, his tone a
little abstracted as he focuses on the money, shooting a quick, casual glance to
the crowd around them. Doesn't look like he could pick his lookalike's pocket.
Damn. He refrains from jogging Faye's elbow with a witty comeback, showing
unusual consideration for him, even as he frowns. Others should be dropping out
of the game soon, if the stakes are getting this high. The frown is banished and
replaced with another grin as he turns to Angus, arching one eyebrow. "The things
we never knew about you," he murmurs, before looking to Ashton. "Yeah, in a
manner of speaking."

The woman smiles, nods, and shells out another card with the ease of the
practiced dealer. Or the practiced cheater
A loss. Then a small win, and a larger loss. Another loss.
Several hands later, Faye's attention is highly centered on the task of
making sure the losses are adding up. Look at all that money going to the casino,
though. "Are you sure you want to keep going, sir? Much as I like the thought of
a bonus, it could be tragic for you." There's a hint of a message in her eyes as
she watches Lenz, though. He backs out, and it probably won't go well. "On the
other hand, I'm sure you could make a comeback if your luck changed." It won't,
of course.
Faye muses, absently, on whether her luck would be better in such
circumstances. Probably, given her talents and all that. "We have got quite an
audience, though." she comments, gaze flickering out at those assembled.
Haile has disconnected.
Gordon watches each loss from the video feed to his quarters, his eyes narrowing
just a bit more with each. The suited man's grip on his martini tightens, as he
watches what comes next. His eyes are on Lenz. A thousand possible variables come
to mind and are dismissed -- what matters is in what is to come. Gordon folds his
fingers together, anxiously.
Spike has reconnected.
Spike has partially disconnected.
Haile has connected.
Ashton laughs once, smile spreading onto his lips once again as he speaks to
Spike, "Huh, well, i'm not sure whether i should envy or pity you." He looks up
to Faye and shrugs a shrug that says he either doesn't care about her reaction or
that he's kidding...totally up for grabs on that one. He was starting to like
this guy, though. Cool, calm, almost disinterested most of the time. Seemed like
a really cool customer. His thoughts where interupted, however, as he begins to
watch the next few hands.
Kogi has disconnected.
Lenz now leans with his elbows on the table. His last pile of chips is up on this
hand, but by the expression on his face, he's not so much panicked as simply
bewildered by the house's numerous wins. He pauses, and then shrugs uneasily. "I
guess... I guess I don't have a choice. Let it ride." And with those words, he
pushes his last chips forward.
Kogi has connected.
With gritted teeth and a scowl that she barely tries to hide, Haile rises from
her seat. "I'm out," she mutters, scooping up what's left of her pile of chips
and retreating to a seat at a slot machine nearby, where she can keep an eye on
the idiot. Maybe he'll get lucky. And therefore she will too... And hey, if not,
she can always wait for the dealer to finish her shift and try to get lucky in
another sense....
Joey arrives from Solar System.
Joey has arrived.
Kogi steps back from the table and watchs the guards in the area. He doesn't like
it but, he makes note of the man with all the cash. Hey a rich friend is a friend
in deed he smiles as he turns around. He slowly makes his way toward the casino
exit and makes his way toward his ship.
Kogi has disconnected.
Ashton has reconnected.
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