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TP Session #4

Spike regretfully eyes the empty seat vacated by Haile, patting down his pockets
and the chips within, even as he ponders the mystery of the ragged man with the
inexhaustable supply of chips -- at least gauging by the way he keeps pulling
them out, without horror or panic or excessive twitchiness. He draws a little
further back, stretching but content not to do anything more -- for now.
"We all have our secrets, Mr. Spiegel. So, how have you been? I have not seen you
in quite a while..." Angus's voice remains a smooth southern draw, and he glances
down to Spike's chips. "I hope you're luck has been holding up." Angus moves to
sit down and slides into Haile's seat, carefully dropping his pile of chips to
the table. "That way, I can steal more of them away from you."

She watches Lenz a moment, a brow quirked slightly, before she smiles and
dips her head. "This is your last time, then. Okay, let's see how you go." See,
she actually sounds like she cares. She deals the last round, and there's that
final loss. There is a vague sort of concern in her expression as Faye gathers in
those last chips. "You probably should have given it up a few rounds back, hon."
The woman notes Haile's frustration and flashes her a smile as she
stands, then settles for turning her attention to the others at the table, with
what could be an apologetic smile for Lenz. She's doing some fairly good acting
today, isn't she?
Gordon rubs his chin nearly furiously as he watches the proceedings. He seems
focused entirely on Lenz now, but is giving the occasional hurried glance down at
Faye. Something about this has Gordon in a tizzy, because one of the guards in
his room looks downright concerned about his boss, at the moment.
Spiegel. Spike Spiegel. Now he has a full name; maybe he can get a little extra
pay with that information about the guy who knew how to mimic his appearance.
Lenz looks down as he loses, and sits there, staring at the empty table before
him. He knew it was coming, but it's still a pain to see all that money go. Good
thing for him, too, because he's not nearly as good an actor as Faye. "I... I
guess I should have. Well..." He pauses, and then, at a loss for words, simply
stands and moves through the people gathered around the table, shoulders slumped,
eyes to the floor, apparently going somewhere. A close eye, however, will tell
that he's not headed for either of the expected places: the exit, or the bar. Hm.
A few tables over, Joey is also having words with one of his handful of
straggling customers. Unfortunately, he doesn't have that sweet-tongue thing
going for him. "Look, pal, I ain't here ta tell ya whether ta split eights or
not-- that's what buddies are for. Maybe ya wanna go try keno instead, at least
ya lose a lot slower that way." The customer might be taking this advice to
heart; he definitely storms away from the blackjack table, at least. Joey rakes
in the rest of the money, hands out winnings to a couple, then nods as another
man walks up to take over for him for a while. After handing over the familiar
uniform vest, he starts wandering around to see who's been denying him all the
hot action tonight.
Haile puts a little something in the slot machine for realism, though now that
she's away from the table she's not nearly as worried about not seeming
interested in the proceedings. Something just feels... off. And *what* is with
those two guys sort of looking alike? Even dressed alike in that horrible suit.
She spares a moment wondering if the other one's got money too, but a closer look
at Spike convinces her that this one is NOT a mark. She curses under her breath
as Lenz loses what seems like the last of his money. She keeps an eye on him,
though. You never know. He DID prove himself to be pretty dim, but maybe he had
some money kept aside?
Ashton has partially disconnected.
"-- I wouldn't know, either," Spike says to Ashton, seeming amused. "That's
something we'll have to find out." He chuckles at Angus. "Yeah, we do, Angus." A
little bit of stress comes down on the Scottish name, before he plops himself
down into Lenz's seat. He glances at the departing lookalike, and pulls out the
chips. "We'll see about that."
The tension of seeing the exchange made had been enough for Gordon, complete with
the courier's like alike. The man stands up and quickly begins moving from the
room, but locks eyes with the guard once. "Inform Madison that I'm moving onto
the floor to meet up with Wiesel," he grunts. He opens a door, and steps out of
it. "And the rest of the security detail."

After a few short moments, and after the message of the boss' arrival is relayed
to Joey, the white suited businessman steps from a side entrance. It seems that
is precisely where Lenz is headed, too. Hmm.
Ashton watches the frumpy man leave through the reflection of his glasses. He
does notices that it isn't to the bar, as he suspected, or the
elevators...but...where would he go? An airlock? Oh well, wasn't really his
consern, but it was interesting. He simply filed it away as an oddity of the
evening an turns back to the game, and the security guards still around the table
and, of the sudden appearance of the a white suited man. He watches from the
reflection for a few moments before grinning and muttering, "Gotcha..."

Faye, now that /that's/ all over and done with, catches the eye of a
passing staff member; flashing a smile at those at her table, she gestures to the
man. "You'll have to excuse me - it's my break time." And she's done her specific
piece of work, so she's going to find some coffee and smokes. Exit, stage left,
without fanfare.
Faye has disconnected.
Lenz looks up as the entrance that serves as his destination opens, admitting the
white-suited owner of the casino. He looks quickly to either side, and then
sneaks over towards the white-suited man, speaking in a hushed tone. "M-M-Mister
Gordon. The money is yours, but I think we have a situation..."
Haile's eyes narrow, and her gaze flicks back and forth between Lenz and the guy
in the flashy suit that seemed to have come from nowhere. Why does that guy look
familiar..? Huh. She doesn't like the smell of this. Something about that guy
puts her off, and it's not the suit. Maybe the moron isn't the best mark after
all... She turns back towards the table and gapes. Where'd the dead-sexy dealer
go? Crap. This is not her night. Out of desperation, she eyes up Angus and even
casts another up and down on Spike. -Something- good has to come out of tonight.
She won't let it be a total waste. Still, half her attention is on Lenz.
Something about him has her curious.
Joey fishes out a large thin coin, pops it into a slot machine, and pulls the
handle. Then, after the first wheel stops, he shakes his head and walks away, not
waiting to see how the other two turn out. "I swear," he mutters to himself, "if
that thing /ever/ pays on 3, I'll eat my hat." Shaking his head, he walks a
little further, and looks vaguely in Gordon's direction. As do several others,
naturally; the guy does own the place, after all. Joey's other eye alights on
Haile for a moment or two.
Vicious has disconnected.
"Wonder what your double's problem was. Uncommonly unlucky." The arms dealer
stretches. "So, Spike...how much are you down?" He spares a glance for the
dealer, and inwardly groans at his cards. It looks like he'll be eating his words
as soon as it's time to call...
;'s eyes narrow imperceptibly for a moment, before he hmms to Angus. "Yeah," he
says in tones that imply that he has no idea that anything could be untoward. "--
Actually." With that, he suddenly rises to his feet. "I need to head to the ATM
-- you do have an ATM, right?" he asks the dealer. Not bothering to wait for a
reply, he rises to his feet and begins walking towards the machines... only to
bump into a rather big, burly woman in the uniform of casino security. A flurry
of motion obscures what happens for a few moments, and when it's all over, Spike
is leaping back and frantically brushing himself down, his face a mask of
outrage. "Did you see that?!" he howls, pointing at the security woman. "Did you
see where she grabbed me?! I'm gonna complain to the manager about this!" And
with that, he backs away... on a course that, when combined with his earlier
leap, will easily take him within earshot of Gordon.
Spike's eyes narrow imperceptibly for a moment, before he hmms to Angus. "Yeah,"
he says in tones that imply that he has no idea that anything could be untoward.
"-- Actually." With that, he suddenly rises to his feet. "I need to head to the
ATM -- you do have an ATM, right?" he asks the dealer. Not bothering to wait for
a reply, he rises to his feet and begins walking towards the machines... only to
bump into a rather big, burly woman in the uniform of casino security. A flurry
of motion obscures what happens for a few moments, and when it's all over, Spike
is leaping back and frantically brushing himself down, his face a mask of
outrage. "Did you see that?!" he howls, pointing at the security woman. "Did you
see where she grabbed me?! I'm gonna complain to the manager about this!" And
with that, he backs away... on a course that, when combined with his earlier
leap, will easily take him within earshot of Gordon.
Spike's commotion warrants a good deal of notice by the security, who quickly
begin moving towards him. One of the officers frowns at the situation, while the
woman who allegedly groped the cowboy merely seems surprised -- and annoyed.
"Now, see here," she grumbles. "I didn't..."

But Gordon himself only gives a brief, appraising glance before looking back at
Lenz. His face is quite serious as he speaks -- and falls in earshot of several
of the nearby cowboys. "What is it? Greeley-Lau's not a particularly forgiving
fellow when it comes to mistakes. We both know that." His eyes then look quite
serious. "And if you didn't know that, then you damned well /should/."

Greeley-Lau is a name that the cowboys might know. A name to the tune of fifty
million woolong.

A name that has appeared in connection with terrorist bombing campaigns.
A name sufficient to taint any political grouping.
"S-s-so I hear." Lenz shivers a bit unconsciously, before a nervous twitch
manifests itself briefly. "I-I-I didn't do anything. You gotta believe me. But
there's this guy who's dressed just like me. Hair and everything. 'Spike
Spiegel.' I think he was after the money or... no, trying to get to you, maybe."
He exhales deeply, and checks to both sides to try to make sure nobody can hear
the next line, though in his agitation he's not entirely successful. "Lau says to
drop off the arms in Esteban's place on Tijuana."
Ashton does know the name...knows it quite well, and is thankful that he saw
those words form on the large mans lips before he turns and begins towards the
man in white, moving around the commotion and comming up behind the two talking
quietly, efectively evading the local security. He reaches earshot of the two
people, Mr. Frumpy and Mr. White as he's calling them in his head, and stops
nearly 15 feet from them, looking over a poster for a new and upcomming show
while listening intently to the conversation.
Haile heaves a sigh as Spike rises and leaves the table, following him with her
eyes... until the scene with the guard ensues. Too much attention there, now.
Grr. Well. There's still the big guy. Maybe... Hmph, but he doesn't exactly have
'mark' written on his forehead. Though who knows, maybe one of his tattoos says
it somewhere. She leaves the slot machine and heads back to the table, sliding
into a conveniently empty seat next to Angus and nodding for the dealer to cut
her in.
Angus chortles a bit a Spike's predicament, but then turns back to the game.
Tossing in the ante for the next hand, Angus spares another glance at the bounty
hunter. A bit odd that it should happen right now...but no odder than the other
guy losing so horribly. Angus ponders for a moment before staring at his hand,
and then anxiously fingers his chips. As he waits for the bets to come in, he
glances over to the returned Haile. Still in Southern Accent mode, he tips his
hat to the her. "Hello there, Miss."
Joey plasters himself against a wall as the non-groper lumbers through the spot
where he was standing five seconds ago. That danger past, he studies the back of
Lenz's head for a while, then walks over and takes a seat next to Haile. If there
is such a seat, and if it isn't already occupied.
It's time to take a gamble -- which is an apt thing for a casino, is it not? On
the one hand: the risk that the casino security guards run around with weapons
unsafed, rounds chambered, and ready to fire. On the other, this appears to be
his best chance to get to Gordon...

Pause. Wait. Greeley-Lau? An arms deal involving the notorious terrorist? The
chance to make fifty million woolongs? You can almost see the woolong signs
floating over Spike's eyes, before he gesticulates wildly, taking another step
back from the security personnel. "Yeah!" he insists, trying to cause just enough
of a commotion to divert attention, while not so much of one that Gordon will
fall silent.
"Really..." Gordon seems most displeased with this and shakes his head once to
the courier. He glances around briefly, but fortunately, the commotion around
Spike makes it so that he has little way of seeing the chance lookalike --
especially as his guards remain so focused on him and not their boss. Oldfield
looks back at Lenz and sighs. "Esteban's? Mm. Very well. You've done well. We'll
see to it that you are paid well for your services."
A look of hope comes over Lenz. "Thank you so much, Mr. Oldfield. This was my
last chance... my family really needs the money from this." He nods, and then
turns and begins to slump his way through the casino crowd, trying to remain
low-key (not one of his greatest skills) and stay away from anybody else as he
now heads for the elevators.
Ashton figures that this is as good a time as any to get to Gordon, and maybe get
more info out of Gordon w/ out so many people around. He moves towards the man's
back, crossing the space quickly, and sticks his middle and pointer finger in the
mans back, pushing hard. He looks around, smiling actually, and speaks in a
rather sing-song voice, "To move is to die, and no, i don't care if i make it out
alive or not so don't try that trick. What say you and i go back to the landing
bay and have a nice little chit-chat, alright? Remember, if we don't make it
there, i may die, but you'll die slower." He pokes his fingers sharper into the
mans kidneys.
"Hello," Haile replies to Angus, polite but aloof. I'm cute, I'm nice, I'm
uninteresting, forget about me. She crosses her ankles and tucks them under her
seat in a way that tilts her ever-so-slightly towards Angus. But she's
distracted. Spike is still causing a scene, and the moron is still talking to
flashy suit, which still bothers her, though it's none of her business. What is
someone that frumpy doing talking to someone rich enough to get away with wearing
a suit that hideous? Hm, there goes frumpy. Eh, it's none of our business.
Concentrate on the mark, as he doesn't look like someone who would be pleased if
we screwed up. Still, her attention is fragmented. Why does flashy look familiar?
What did he want with frumpy? Is it a coincidence that the poofy-haired guy who
seems to think he's really cute is dressed like and sort of looks like frumpy?
Hey, what's going on over there with flashy? Does the bookworm know him too?
Angus has disconnected.
Joey turns around for another look at the interesting noises. Ashton in
particular gets a curious look... but he's easily too far away to notice that the
gun isn't really a gun. In any case, he shrugs it off; it's security's job to
worry about it, and he's not security.
"Well, fine!" Spike declares eventually, stalking away from the security -- and
covertly watching out in case someone tries to jump him from behind. He makes it
to the lift, beating Lenz there, and steps inside -- presumably headed to the
parking level, and the Swordfish.
Gordon's back gets rigid as he feels the fingers poke into it, and his eyes widen
just a bit. His jaw grimaces in surprise. "Very well, then," he grunts out. He
begins following the man's motion, and because the security seems more focused on
what just happened... their boss is carted off by this cowboy.
Angus has connected.
Lenz thanks Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and, for good measure, Odin that he gets to
the elevators unmolested, failing to see Spike headed there ahead of him. He
passes down to the lift levels, and from there, well, who's anybody on this level
to say? Probably he simply finds his ship and takes off. But Spike is there ahead
of him, so perhaps not...
Ashton moves Gordon into the just opening elevator, should have played more
cards, he's lucky today, and starts pressing the door closes button. Thankfully,
it closes right before an elderly couple who've just won their retirement try to
step in and they're underway. He pushes again with is fingers, "Hands on the
wall, spred your legs. You know what will happen if you move." He switches
fingers carefully, from right to left, and draws his glock 20 from a pancake
holder over his right kidney, then places that in Gordon's back. His grin widens,
"Well, now, at least i can make good on my threats if needed," he states, and
watches the numbers, humming to the cheezy music playing in the background.
Angus blinks as Spike begins leaving. "...I thought he had to use the ATM. Odd,
that." Angus looks down at his chips, and slowly counts inside his head. About
even, and unlikely to get any better...and so Angus makes his way to swiftly cash
in his chips, before BOLTING for a service elevator. If he catches Spike before
he leaves...

Last moment weapons sale!
Haile blinks twice... and poofy hair is gone, flashy suit is being led off at
fingerpoint by bookworm and frumpy moron is on his way to the elevators. Hunh.
Maybe one of these days she'll figure out what the hell went on here tonight. For
now, she spares an amused half-smile at the antics of the bookworm and gets back
to what she -does- know about. Wait. Where the hell is her mark going?? Oh, this
is getting ridiculous. She turns slightly and looks at Joey out of the corner of
her eye.
Perhaps not, indeed. Lenz is greeted by a distinctive metallic *click*, a gun to
the temple, and an arm reaching out in the hope of snaking around the man's neck
in a chokehold -- just tight enough to hopefully scare the hell out of the guy on
the receiving end, without actually constricting his breath. "Where can I find
Greeley-Lau?" Spike demands, his voice suddenly hard and menacing. "If you don't
tell me..."
"Ugh..." Gordon grunts, but he does as he is told. He spreads his limbs across
the walls, and then glances over his shoulder at his captor. "I assure you, I am
not moving anywhere, sir," he grumbles back. "Now, let's just get this over with,
shall we? What do you want? You want to know something, you said."
Joey meets Haile's half-glance and offers her a shrug. What, like I have a clue
what those guys are up to? Or maybe he just considers it prudent to play dumb
right about now.
Lenz freezes as a gun is put to his back, and is easy pickings for that
chokehold. "I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I... oh God. Oh God, please. He'll kill me, or you'll
kill me. I'm not one of those thugs who's used to this job. I-I just agreed to
this because it's the only way to get good money in the Belt. My family is
starving. They won't pay m-me if you do this. I don't know who this guy /is/,
honest! All I know about this guy is that he's running the whole deal! I hear
through intermediates! Oh God, oh God, oh /God/..."
Ashton nods, "yes, lets get this over with indeed," his voice is almost detatched
for a few moments before he snaps back to reality, "I hear you have information
on Greeley-Lau." He pushes the weapon tighter into the mans back as he pulls out
a personal recording device from his left pocket and hits record, "spill it, all
of it, and maybe i won't turn you in to the ISSP for the reward." He shrugs a
little, "sound fair? You have until we reach the docking bay. By then, you're
either dead where you stand or you pay for my next overhall," his voice is ice,
If Lenz's pleas for mercy have any effect on Spike, he doesn't show it. "So where
can I find information on him?" He tightens his grip slightly, before relaxing it
by the same amount. "You can take a choice: run the risk of his goons killing you
later, or the certainty of me killing you now. Talk! If you don't know, who
And Angus comes barging out of the service elevator, looking around for his
sale...right before Lenz's words reach his ears.

And now there's a click behind Spike's back.

"Let the wee bairne go, Spike. I like ya, laddy, but Belter's don't let hot shot
bounty hunters push each other around for bounty tip's." Angus keeps his Automag
pointed right at Spike's back, steady despite the rather worried look on his
face. "Now you, wee bairne, tell the nice bounty hunter what he wants to know and
GO HOME. Mars is a bad place for belters."
"Greeley-Lau... Benjamin's his first name, and you can find the basic information
anywhere. A highborn on Mars, with a distinguished military career, who since
became a terrorist of some standing," the businessman says quite willingly -- and
quite quickly. Gordon pauses for breath and continues. "I can't offer much more
than that... because he's good. But I can tell you this. There's a demolition
derby on Agamemnon coming. A local crime lord there can give you information."
"His name," Gordon adds, "is Henryk."
Ashton nods twice and twists the weapon into the skin of the mans back, "That's
it? You're very sure?" He questions, watching the numbers slow, stop and the door
ding open. He starts looking behind himself, doing what he can so that he isn't
Lenz shudders as Spike continues to threaten, and breathes a sigh of relief as
Angus comes to his aid. He gulps to Angus, and pauses, words stuck in his throat.
"He-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he-he..." and then, after a pause, he shakes his
head, and hangs it as low as it'll go in Spike's chokehold. "I got this job from
a guy named Ravi Mahmood. He went underground; the next time I know is location
is in two weeks. He'll be on Agamemnon for a demolition derby. Run by a guy named
Stanislas Henryk. Oh God, please let me go. Don't let them know I told you this.
Don't let them know! They'll kill me and my whole family! Oh, God, they'll kill
us! Th... the... derby, the derby... oh, God, you heartless bastard..."
"Scottish again, Angus?" Spike asks, not seeming particularly fazed. "I'll go the
moment this guy tal-- ah-ha, there we go. That wasn't too hard, was it?"
Releasing his grip, he turns and walks away, pauses, then turns back long enough
to smirk. "I might be making a purchase from you some time, Angus, thanks to that
info." (The gun was also always safed -- the click was something else -- but they
don't have to know that.) His smirk broadens, and with that, he makes his exit.
Gordon says, "I'm positive." He coughs and grins harshly, even as the gun is
twisted against his back. "I'm /very/ positive."
Spike has disconnected.
Lenz collapses onto the floor of the dock, sprawled out upon Spike's releasing
the headlock. He weeps quietly, making no move to get him as he murmurs to
himself. "God... Cara, oh, God, I'm sorry... kids... Lau's gonna... God... car
batteries... the derby, the... derby... bastard, Mahmood, Spiegel... oh God..."
Ashton grins a little and clicks off the little recorder, placing it back into
his pocket, "Well, good. I'm glad you're positive. Now...what to do with you." He
wonders aloud, "Turn you in, let you go...or..." he trails off, then reaches into
his pocket for a small piece of paper, on which is a number, "One last favor," he
slips the paper into Gordons pocket, "there should be 500,000 more woolongs in
this account by midnight tonight then there was this morning. Don't try to trace
it, it wouldn't do you any good anyway. 500,000 and i won't tell your name to
Benjamin, deal?" He questions, looking out into the bay, the sound of crying
hitting his ears.
"Shuddup, you! He coulda done a lot worse, bairne, and you better be glad 'e
didn't. What rock ya live on?" The arms dealer walks over, slowly holstering his
gun. He looks down at Lenz with a mix of pity, and 'dearlordi'mgladi'mnothim'.
"An' get up! Yer makin' me antsy.'
Haile sits quietly for a moment, wondering what the hell happened... what a weird
night. She should just give up and go home. She flicks a glance sideways at Joey
again, and her lips quirk into an impish smile. Well... nothing ventured, nothing
gained and all that...
Lenz seems not to hear Angus, still sprawled on the ground murmuring to himself.
"God... Aga... Agamemnon, Ravi, Gordon... oh, God, Cara... Rico, Puer... Puer..."
Joey turns slowly, meeting a smile with a smile. "Somethin' I can help ya with?"
he asks, pleasantly ignorant of the events in the zipcraft bay. Or the elevator
shaft, for that matter.
Angus prods the inert Lenz with a foot. "I said, GETTUP. BAH!'
"Consider it done," Gordon says. The moment he is freed, he is off -- and into
the superstructure of the station, away from the main traffic area.
The kick seems to jolt Lenz slightly back to life, but not fully. He crawls first
up on hands and knees, cowed into silence, and then wobbles back semi-erect
(never one for good posture in the first place) and responds to Angus, "I-I'm
sorry... I'm sorry. I need to... think... I need to leave. Thank you..." He
begins to walk uneasily for his craft, a look of open-mouthed shellshock still on
his face.
Ashton watchs him go as he reholsters the pistol, smiling as usual, and heads
into the zipcraft bay. He glances down at the crying man, and at the one kicking
him, and gives a discused snort, "Can't you see he's lost enough already?"
playing dumb, "and here you are, beating up on him further. My god..." he reaches
in his pants pocket and pulls out a handful of chips and hands it to the man as
he walks with him into the bay.
Looking at Lenz's back uncertainly, Angus sighs loudly. "Damnit! Ah -said- WHAT
ROCK DO YOU LIVE ON!? If you're tha' worried 'bout your folks, then DO something
about it! Don't just snivel, ya git!"
Haile looks startled and shakes her head. "No, I'm sorry. I was just... thinking
about something." How lame. She must be tired, or something. Maybe she should
just cash in her chips, and call it a very strange, surreal loss. Besides, these
horrible lights are starting to give her a headache. She leaves the table,
muttering a goodbye of a sort to Joey and the dealer and heads away.
Joey waves casually to Haile, then turns around to face the dealer and waste a
few woolongs worth of his latest paycheck. Some people have funny ideas of what
to do during their break.
Haile leaves for Solar System.
Haile has left.
"I don't... I don't..." Lenz pauses, then sighs to collect himself. "Puerto Rico,
alright? Listen, what do you think I'm doing?" He looks down at the chips, and
drops them in disgust, giving Ashton a dark look. Not a good thing to remind him
of. Well, at least he's coherent now. He shakes his head, not particularly
wanting to continue conversation with anybody, as he clicks his ship open and
begins climbing into the cockpit.
Ashton looks back to Angus, over to the leaving Lenz and shrugs, going down a
little farther to his ship, wistling a sufficiantly happy tune, very glad at the
days work. So good, in fact, that he starts singing a little to himself as he
walks, "Fly me to the moon, and let me dance among the stars..." and so on as he
climbs into his zipcraft, closes the cockpit and powers up. The orange-red glow
of his exhast makes his dream true as he rockets from the bay and into the cold
of space.
"Puerto Rico, eh?" For a long moment, Angus pauses.

This then breaks into loud cursing. "Ah have a cousin there, goddamn it!" Angus
begins stomping towards his zipcraft, muttering about 'hating pro bono work' as
he walks.
Ashton leaves for Solar System.
Ashton has left.
Angus leaves for Solar System.
Angus has left.
Gordon leaves for Solar System.
Gordon has left.
Joey leaves for Solar System.
Joey has left.

See you later, Space Cowboy!

*********** D I S C O N N E C T E D ***********
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