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Beauty and the Beast

Due to a low turnout, the TP scene is hereby postponed until at least Tuesday or Wednesday, perhaps even Thursday or Friday, depending on the availability of staff (I'll be unable to do it myself, due to my schedule). We'll do my best to give more precise notice closer to the day. Hopefully, Part II of Beauty and the Beast will still be able to be run this Saturday. Please post to bb4 or reply to this post if you have any better days in mind.

Q: What is Revolution Rhumba?
A: The MUSH's first ever multi-scene TP, which commenced in April.

Q: What has happened so far?
A: The PCs, during a visit to the orbital casino of shady tycoon Gordon Oldfield, discovered a lead on the case of a far more valuable bounty: the terrorist mastermind Benjamin Greeley-Lau. The trail led first to a demolition derby on the asteroid of Agamemnon, where an informant, though wounded by an assassin sent by Greeley-Lau, pointed them to the asteroid republic of Amu Durya (+bbread 3/16 for more information). Now, the PCs hunt their quarry on the war-torn rock...

Q: What's next in the TP?
A: The upcoming scene in the TP, Beauty and the Beast, will take place in two parts. Part I will occur some time between Tuesday May 4 and Friday May 7; Part II will take place on Saturday May 8. If the campaign remains unresolved, more scenes will be run as needed.

Q: Who can I contact for more information, or to arrange investigations of my own?
A: @mail all four of James, Prophet, Tex, and Achenar, or post to bulletin board 4.
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